I discovered Lisa Clough’s amazing work on her YouTube channel a few weeks ago and I am still smitten. She shares speed videos of her awesome paintings and drawings which are a mixture of photorealistic wildlife and surrealism. She works in a variety of media including oil paints, coloured pencils and graphite and charcoal and often creates her own soundtracks for her videos from her own violin playing. Her talent with the paintbrush is matched by her generosity in sharing with other artists, from showing her methods and materials to giving other artists feedback. Awesome all round. where Lisa accepts commissions and sells prints.

Lachri You Tube Channel where she shares videos of her painting, tutorials, critiques and more.

I sometimes find it difficult to accept praise particularly about ‘talent’ because I know that I am really just a beginner, I’m so aware of artists out there who are much further along their artistic journey than I am. But I also know from watching many of Lisa’s videos that there are people she looks up to as well. It’s all relative, there will always be someone better than you but that’s no reason not to do your own work and strive to improve.

Watching her work has inspired me to draw animals, improve my skills and try out new media.