I want Spirited Sketches to be a mixture of sketchbook and journal. Somewhere to keep track of my progress, challenge myself and share my work with friends. Not to mention just recording the memories of where I’ve been and what I’ve drawn with friends.

I used to draw a lot as a child but only studied it up to Standard Grade (GCSE/O Grade level) and didn’t take it seriously for a long time – I’d often fill paper with rough sketches but never worked them up into finished pieces. Since becoming a mum I’ve really enjoyed taking it up again as a creative outlet and I’ve enjoyed sharing my work with friends.

At the moment I’m experimenting with different mediums and styles while trying to develop my skills. Eventually I’d like to work professionally as self-employed artist/illustrator. Feel free to give constructive criticism or tips to help me along that journey.

My three artistic goals for the remainder of 2014 are:

  1. Draw something nearly every day (preferably from life)
    This should motivate me to make time for art and improve my drawing and observational skills at the same time. And I shouldn’t fall into the perfectionism = setting myself up to fail thing of ‘every day’.
  2. Experiment with a new medium, technique or style at least once a month
    Hopefully I’ll discover what I really enjoy and do well.
  3. Build a portfolio and work out the practicalities of doing this professionally.

Thanks to Debs Handforth for nudging me to start this blog today. Please have a look at her beautiful paintings in acrylics of scenes of East London which are available as fine art prints or as postcards.


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