Happy Mother’s Day

I’m very blessed to be a mum to a gorgeous, clever and kind toddler who makes me laugh daily. I’m blessed to have a wonderful mum and a very kind mum-in-law too.

My latest project is a A3 pastel painting for another fantastic mum. So it was very appropriate that I finished it in time for Mother’s Day. Gayna runs TinyTalk classes for babies and toddlers and she brightens up the day of many mums locally, with her energy, enthusiasm and wicked sense of humour.

I decided to celebrate the arrival of her second baby with a pastel painting of him being held by his big brother. I have been busy since his arrival, so it’s a little late, but that only added to the surprise I think!

A3 Pastel Painting

A3 Pastel Painting

It’s my first full colour (human) portrait in pastels and I’m really pleased with the result. My friend Gayna is speechless – and that is saying something!

Whether you are a mum, or just appreciate your own, I hope you’ve had a great Mother’s Day!


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