Cadair Idris in Progress

I’m back from my adventure in Devon and London! It was certainly an adventure and I took a lot of photos that I can’t wait to create art from. I didn’t get a chance to sketch as I was looking after toddler all the time and I was exhausted after packed days – especially in London. But I’ve got plenty of ideas and references to work from. We had a great time!

Another new and interesting addition to my creative life is that I’ve joined a local art group. It’s not a class as such, everyone works on their own projects but there is a more experienced artist who offers advice and the group and there is peer support, and a chat and a cuppa. I won’t be able to go weekly but I’ll drop in when I can. They were a very friendly and modest group.

Whilst I was there I spend the time trying to create a composition for Paint My Photo’s September Challenge which is about mountains and depth. They have specified an extremely panoramic format so that the winning painting can be used for their website banner for a number of months. At home since I have altered the composition again, most dramatically by deciding it had to be BIGGER and making it over two sheets of A3 instead of one to make the whole thing less fiddly in pastel.

I’m working from photos from Paint my Photo taken by Gary Jones and Sharon Whitley of Cadair Idris in Snowdonia, Wales. I’ll link properly to their reference photos once I’ve completed it. So here it is in all its unfinished panoramic glory.

Cadair Idris (in progress)

And here’s the detail of the area I’ve worked on most.

Detail of the sky, mountain and lake

Detail of the sky, mountain and lake

What projects are you working on?


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