Quietish Month

Apologies for being so quiet recently. I was feeling pretty rotten with hayfever and a bad asthma flare up and I was using the spare time and energy I did have to decorate parts of my flat – still have a long way to go with that project.

However I have not been forgetting about art work. I started to plan out an illustration that didn’t quite get to a stage I felt able to share it. I might go back to it at a later date. I picked out a Paint my Photo reference to use for their August challenge and I’ve started on that – which I’ll share in my next post. I’ve also completed some of the admin tasks required to set up as self-employed and got my first commission! I’ll start work on that once I get back from my week away in Devon/London.

I hope to have time for a bit of sketchbook work while I’m away, but as I’ll be in sole charge of our toddler that might prove tricky, in which case I’ll take plenty of photos to sketch and draw from when I get home. I’m really excited, it’ll be quite the adventure!


One thought on “Quietish Month

  1. As a fellow sufferer of seasonal allergies, my artwork has been nonexistent lately, just not up for it. Just another 3-4 weeks and it should settle down. Benadryl makes me lazy and unproductive! Hope you feel better soon!


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