Laugh or Latch?

I finally decided it was finished. I guess I am allowed to be a bit of a perfectionist as I’m submitting it for a calendar for the lovely La Leche League GB so it had to be good. Even if doesn’t make it into the calendar, I now have a beautiful celebration of my time as a nursing mother which no matter how long it seems to other people  will be a fleeting part of my life. I also enjoyed the experiment of working in a larger scale – it allowed me to work the pastels in an expressive painterly way and yet still have plenty of room to put in the detailed areas which give it realism.


A celebration of our nursing relationship in pastel

A celebration of our nursing relationship in pastel

The submission guidelines called for a short explanation of the process and personal reflections on the theme and I really like what I came up with eventually.

I created “Laugh or Latch?” with a limited palette of earthy tones of soft pastel and pastel pencil on A3 pastel paper. Since becoming a mum I’ve gotten better at living in the moment. So many beautiful, special moments have had breastfeeding at the heart of them. With this piece I wanted to capture the humour of nursing my 23 month old toddler. Catching each other’s eye, a mutual giggle and that instant when he tries not to laugh so he can stay latched before giving in and laughing out loud.

And now it is framed on the bedroom wall.
Laugh or Latch (Framed)


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