Couple of Rough Sketches

It has been a couple of days since I last posted and I don’t want to get out of the habit of posting (and drawing) regularly. I have made good progress with my current pastel painting and part of me wants to share it, but it is so near completion that I’d rather finish it first. The last thing you want is me posting nearly identical images over the next couple of days trying to point out the minute changes I’ve made.

I’ve also been thinking ahead to my next few projects, which include trying my hand at oil pastels for the first time, a dog portrait and having another go with ink and watercolour. Whilst it is invigorating to dream up the next challenge or three I do have to make an effort to bring my focus back to the current work in progress rather than let it race ahead.

One of the habits I am trying to get myself into is drawing (almost) everyday, preferably from life. I’m not always successful at remembering to do this and the results aren’t always worth sharing. But here are a couple of rough drawings from my sketchbook to tide me over till I can share some finished work with you.

The first one is of a tree that I can see from the kitchen window and the second is one of my husband and toddler son using my laptop to speak to granny (who lives far away) over Skype.


Cherry Tree in Summer in Charcoal Pencil

Tree in Summer in Charcoal Pencil

Keeping in touch with Granny (Red coloured pencil)

Keeping in touch with Granny (Red coloured pencil)

I find drawing people and animals from life very difficult because they keep moving and I can get frustrated because I can’t be a perfectionist about getting all the details right. I am sure that continuing to practice is beneficial though, both because I should improve at being able to do quick gesture drawings and because being a perfectionist is destructive to creativity, its too easy not to begin at all if I think it won’t turn out brilliantly. So doing these rough sketches and sharing some of them should help me ‘get over myself’ and may be less intimidating to people who look at a ‘finished’ drawing with hours of work in and think ‘I could never do that’.


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