Welcome to the Family

This is a drawing I completed last year to celebrate the arrival of my big sister’s second baby. I believe it was our little sister (now taller than us both!) who captured this awesome photo of him being greeted by his new big brother whilst still in hospital. Both my nephews are awesome little boys.

Family portrait with newborn

Family portrait with newborn


This was completed on A3 Bristol Board with 2B Graphite pencil. A charcoal pencil was used to provide the tone for the diffuse background.

I had completed two graphite portraits before this one, which I had worked in a disorganised way, pretty uncertain of what I was doing and had to repeatedly go back and correct for accuracy and deepen the tones. I am not saying that I didn’t ever need to correct bits on this or deepen tones, but generally I was more confident and organised and worked methodically from left to right. Which makes for quite an interesting set of in progress photos.

It was the first time I had tried to put in a shaded background. I used a charcoal pencil on a spare piece of paper and picked up the tone with cotton wool and gently applied it. The scary bit was that I lost all my edges so it looked ruined. But then I was able to regain the outline by using a kneaded eraser for the highlighted edges and using pencil to reinstate the darker ones. I wish I’d taken a photo of it at the ‘ruined’ stage now but I was too anxious to see if it would turn out okay and pressed on.

Not all of my drawings have progressed so methodically!

The finished drawing ready to be gifted

The finished drawing ready to surprise my sister

It was originally meant to celebrate the arrival of her new baby, but the timing meant it made an excellent house-warming gift as they moved into their new home shortly after it was finished.


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