New Pastel Project

Toddler was not sleepy today so I missed my usual opportunities for drawing. So my creative attempts were mainly in the planning stage for my next project and thinking ahead to future ones.

The next one on the drawing board is an A3 pastel which I plan to do in earthy brown tones. I’ll keep the subject a surprise for just now. It is a subject I’ve wanted to draw for some time but as it’s a personal project for myself it was taking a back seat. Serendipitously, two things happened in the last couple of weeks, I took a very good reference photo for it and I saw a request for art for a calender project which I think it would fit into perfectly. So now I have a deadline, if I want to submit it for the calendar then it has to be done before the end of the month!

Fresh paper on the drawing board

Fresh paper on the drawing board

It all starts with a blank sheet of mid toned paper.  Setting up the fresh paper on the board is satisfying, energising and daunting all at once. Today I’ve played around with the reference photo, cropping it to get the composition I think will work best and I’ve selected my colour palette. I don’t think I did badly at assessing the values by eye, but I decided to double check the values with a grayscale photo. The two darker browns are more similar than I’d thought. The finished portraits I’ve done so far have been in black and white so I’m being a bit cautious with colour for the moment. I wanted this one to be softer and more earthy so I’ve still gone mostly monochrome but with browns rather than greys.

So I’m looking forward to getting started.

As for future projects at the weekend I was able to take some good reference photos for landscapes and animals so I hope some of them will feature in my work soon. At the moment I’m reading a book on painting landscapes in watercolour so hopefully I’ll pick up some tips.


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