Highland Pony in Pastels

I completed this horse portrait several weeks ago and I have been desperate to share my first pastel portrait. I couldn’t because it is a birthday surprise for one of my closest friends who infuriatingly is working abroad over her birthday. I just couldn’t bear to wait weeks and weeks more to let her see it, so hopefully a digital glimpse will be a great birthday treat.

This is in memory of one of her beautiful Highlands who sadly passed away whilst very young. It is based on photographs taken by my friend and her family.

Happy Birthday!

I hope you love the portrait – I’m not sure that my photograph does it justice or at least that’s my excuse if you don’t think it’s a good likeness. You are a fabulous friend and I hope you have an awesome day… and if it isn’t awesome because you are working then I hope you choose a day when you come home to celebrate your birthday.

Mistletoe of St. Vigeans "Missy"

Mistletoe “Missy”


I really enjoyed using pastels for the first time. I used a mixture of soft pastels and pastel pencils. It was my first experience of working dark  to light and I loved that process of starting off with a rough under-drawing and building up the layers and sharpness. It feels very painterly and is looser and possibly more expressive than the neat pencil drawings I had been working on up till this point

Pastels are definitely a medium I enjoy using, I’d love to improve my skills with it and get a feel for working with more colour.


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