Tay Rail Bridge with Pastels

Tay Rail Bridge from Dundee

Tay Rail Bridge from Dundee

I quite like how it turned out with the pastels. I tried not to over work it so didn’t add much, I didn’t want to take away from the lovely translucency of the watercolour where it was working well. I lightened up the sky a little, tried to play light on the water and added some contrast and texture to the wall and path in the foreground to give it some solidity. I kept feeling I ought to add more detail to the rail bridge but at this scale I found it difficult to add anything, and I needed to zoom in on the bridge in my reference photo to pick up the detail so it probably shouldn’t be there!

I love the scrumptiousness of seeing all the pastel colours laid out so I’ll give you another workspace shot. All the pretty colours!

Workspace with fabulous pastels

Workspace with fabulous pastels


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