First Trip on a Steam Train

As promised, I’m going to gradually share some of my previous-to-starting this blog work. This one may be familiar to those who know me on Facebook so apologies if it’s not new to you.

Father and son at a steam railway

Father and son at a steam railway

A3 Detailed Pencil Drawing on Bristol Board with 2B and 6B pencil and little charcoal pencil for the background.

The photo reference for this drawing was taken by me last September when our son was just over one year old. We were at the Royal Deeside Railway in Aberdeenshire. My husband had seen me complete a couple of drawings as presents for friends and asked if I’d do one of him and our son, but he wanted the image to be a surprise so I didn’t let him see the photo. This was a lovely idea but really restricted the time I could draw because as well as having a toddler demanding most of my day and night, I also couldn’t work on it while he was around. So the project ended up shelved over Yule and well into the new year. Eventually I finished it in time for his birthday in May this year.

It takes a long time to build up the layers with pencil and I needed to go back and build up the tones several times, especially on the jacket! There are some things which I think I could have done better, like getting smoother tones on the engine and getting better depth on my son’s clothes. The things I love are how the background turned out just suggesting the background foliage using an eraser and how the back of the engine and driver are so soft.


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