Tay Rail Bridge in Watercolour

I’m not completely sure I’m finished with this but thought I’d share the results of the watercolour.

I like the riverside area where the colours are clean but some areas didn’t quite turn out as I hoped such as the light in the upper section of the clouds and the way the light catches on the water.  I found the watercolours trickier to control that the dry media I’ve been using lately. I may end up taking some pastels over the top to try and capture the light better and add some stronger detail in the foreground to stop the wall looking like it is floating. It is so handy being able to work light over dark with pastels. I’m quite happy with it as a study and first attempt at watercolour in several years though. It was fun to do the ink because it was something I had been too timid to use in the past because it is so unforgiving of mistakes.

I have enjoyed working with watercolours again. Next time I need to remember to protect my lights better and really figure out when I want to work into wet washes and when I need to leave it till it dries. What I’d love to try at some point is Gouache (opaque watercolours).


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