Forgive the Rough Sketch Stage

So, a new blog, public straight away rather than lurking forever on my hard drive… so it’s going to be a bit rough while I figure out what theme I’m using, how to organise my posts etc. So it might all move around quite a bit. I’m likely to post up a bit of older work as well as current work so it might be a bit disorientating. I also have a few different projects in mind so the blog may change focus or  I might even change the blog name, who knows, sorry about that! But I figured it was best to start and risk having to change it than not start.

I’ve wanted to start a few different blogs over the years, but tend to make some plans, do a rough design, buy a domain name and then not take it any further…. so what’s different this time?

Well, this one has a specific focus on my artwork. I’m getting braver about doing things which challenge me. I feel I need to have a focus to keep me drawing. I want to share my work with other people. I want to have a record of where I’ve been and eventually how far I’ve come.  So I’ve been thinking about having a blog about my art and illustrations.

More directly. I’ve just finished reading Artist’s Journal Workshop by Cathy Johnson which had lots of images of artist’s sketchbooks. And what I realised is the imperfections and rough sketchiness were part of the charm. And today, after I posted a photo of a work in progress, another artist Debs Handforth told me I should create a blog to share my work and I couldn’t think of a good enough excuse for not doing it! Thanks Debs.


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